Employers working together for a sustainable future 


Working together towards a common goal – a sustainable future for our local and global environment, community and economy.

About the Guernsey Green Forum (GGF)

The Guernsey Green Forum was formed out of a belief that every business must play its part to create a sustainable futureAlone, any business can manage its own environmental impacts. Together, as a business community, we can do so much more.  

Every business needs a plan to tackle climate change, to protect and enhance our natural environment because there is no plan B. 

The forum’s Founding Members

Have pledged to collaborate and share knowledge that benefits our local environment and the global community. Our open-source fact sheets have been created to share ideas and best practice and can be downloaded by any organisation.

The forum’s vision is to “champion by example that being sustainable is not just good for the environment, it makes good business sense.” 

How you can get involved

Learn how your organisation can improve its environmental sustainability performance.

Join the conversation and share ideas in our LinkedIn group.

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The Workgroups

Energy, Water & Waste (EW&W)

Travel & Transportation

CSR, Culture & Engagement

Pensions, Rewards & Compensation

Lifecyle & Supply Chains

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