Deloitte Guernsey is an office of around 80 people and is a branch of Deloitte’s UK firm.  In 2020, we launched an initiative to create a Green Committee. The purpose behind this committee was two-fold – to improve our green footprint through the use of ESI Monitor’s system and to engage the staff on a level where everyone felt included and able to make a difference.

The ESI Monitor accreditation is a locally-developed methodology and will assist us in understanding our organisation’s impact on the environment through various metrics in waste, energy, water, travel, procurement, and supply chains. It will assist us to recognise areas where we may be able to reduce our carbon footprint and provides regular bench marking data to assess our carbon footprint.

We also wanted to be aligned with the wider green objectives within Deloitte.  Deloitte globally has committed to net-zero emissions by 2030 and to operate “green” as a business which means aligning our internal policies and actions across our organisation to achieve our climate ambitions collectively.