Introducing the Guernsey Green Forum

Employers working together for a sustainable future 

The Guernsey Green Forum was created out of conversations between local business leaders, a will to collaborate and a shared belief that business has a critical part to play in reaching the island’s environmental sustainability and net-zero ambitions. 

The Founding Members represent a wide variety of sectors, reflecting larger organisations and smaller enterprises as we believe that through sharing experience and knowledge, our whole community will benefit.  

Our Aims

  • Foster environment-friendly business practices in Guernsey thereby encouraging the adoption of measurable sustainability practices in corporate strategy and policy;  
  • Educate, and partner with, employees, employers, customers and the wider Guernsey community in relation to environmental practices associated with the workplace in Guernsey;  
  • Freely share information and knowledge with all participants and provide a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas between members with a view to achieving the purposes of the Forum;  
  • Take practical steps towards achieving and improving sustainable business practices and to take positive and where applicable, collective action in relation to sustainability initiatives;  
  • If opportunities arise, liaise with like-minded persons and organisations outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey to further the foregoing objects foster international co-operation and establish Guernsey as a thought leader in such matters.   

The Founding Members developed six workstreams that deliver the largest impact:

Energy, Water & Waste

Raising the ambition of our waste management, sustainable water use and pollution control measures to continually improve our organisations’ environmental performance.  

How you can help: 

  • Monitor water use and waste volume & type for our operations. 
  • Committing to phase out single-use plastics.  
  • Review ways to improve drinking and wastewater efficiency and management 
  • Avoid, reduce or control pollution. 

Lifecycle & Supply Chain

Striving for improvement in the environmental sustainability credentials of our vendors and supply chain is key to managing the direct and indirect impacts of our business. 

How you can help: 

  • Communicate environmental performance expectations to vendors.  
  • Instigate a sustainable procurement vendor checklist to screen for environmental risks and opportunities for improvement. 
  • Work with vendors to support sustainable practices in line with our corporate standards.  

Travel & Transportation

Switching to sustainable travel has environmental benefits, can save time and money, help employee’s worklife balance and improve wellbeing. 

How you can help:  

  • Log and monitor the carbon emissions of our business travel.  
  • Aim to reduce non-essential travel. 
  • Promote zero/ low carbon commuting.  
  • Make readily available technology for virtual meetings & encouraging its use. 

Corporate Social Responsibility & Culture

Cultivating a positive sustainability culture and fostering employee engagement is fundamental for organisations to reach their goal to reduce their carbon footprint.

How you can help 

  • Launch a programme of environmental sustainability focussed engagement and internal communication. 
  • Ensure your community-focussed activity is sustainable and mindful of its environmental impact 
  • Ensure a transparent and accessible stakeholder feedback process on our environmental performance. 

Pensions, Rewards & Compensations

Directing pension assets into sustainable investments and adjusting reward and compensation packages can reduce our environmental impact.

How you can help:

  • Add environmentally sustainable investment options to defined contribution pension schemes.
  • Introduce environmentally sustainable default investment arrangements in defined contribution pension schemes.
  • Discuss ESG opportunities with the trustees of defined benefit pension schemes.
  • Review benefit packages by reducing the provision of executive vehicles.